There are many restaurants that try to give work, among many difficulties due to covid-19, to boys and girls with motor and cognitive disabilities.

Those who try to help are Fipe-Confcommercio, together with Mondoffice, a company of products and services: they have in fact decided to start a fundraiser through a video appeal that was published on YouTube by the singers of the band Lo Stato Sociale.

The inclusion campaign was launched on December 3rd through the crowdfunding platform Rete del Dono.

Lo Stato Sociale
Lo Stato Sociale

Aldo Cursano, deputy vice president of Fipe-Confcommercio, comments: “The response of the citizens was not long in coming, proving the desire of the Italians to support the world of catering and in particular special activities. This pandemic year has put all the entrepreneurs of public exercises to the test, but those in the past who have shown themselves more courageous and inclusive have suffered more than the others. Because in places like these, not only is there food for the customers, but a training and life path is guaranteed for dozens of young people who would otherwise encounter many difficulties. Virtuous paths that enrich both entrepreneurs and young people “.

Irma Gabriella, managing director of Mondoffice, adds: “We hope that the milestone reached by our campaign can symbolically represent the beginning of this much desired restart, for a sector heavily affected by the pandemic and which employs over 1 million people in the our country“.

There are ten activities chosen at the beginning of the project and to which the proceeds of the fundraising will be shared: The Square (MO), Bar Senza Nome (BO), La Locanda dei Girasoli (RM), Gusto P (MI), Pecora Nera (LU) , Trattoria degli Amici (RM), Non uno di Meno Bar (SV), Malvarosa Enoteca (BI), Spring Refreshments (NO), Social Catering (AL).