There is no crisis for biscuits. Italians eat a lot of them for breakfast, but that's not all. We are talking about biscuits, pastry products, preserved desserts and Italian biscuits.

In short, an extended category.Imagine that, according to forecasts, in 2023 the biscuits industry will reach a turnover of 5.2 billion dollars. The research was conducted using an algorithm, developed by the Statista company, applied to official data on population, wealth, consumption, coming from Eurostat, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

In 2019, turnover was close to $ 5 billion in production value. This heritage will be increasingly destined for export over the next few years. There are many  brands of biscuits that produce, in addition to good products, also healthy ones. This is a sign of the growing attention of the Italian population also towards this side of the industry.

The research examined a period starting from 2011. At the time, the total turnover of biscuits was 4,290.7 million euros. Since then,there has been a steady growth, with one exception between 2012 and 2013, when we dropped from 4,426.02 to 4,333.04. The ride, from there, never stopped. In 2014 we had risen to 4,456.27, in 2015 4,625.99. In 2016 we are at 4,796.06. We arrive in 2017 at 4,847.46, 4,918.52 twelve months later. In 2019 it reaches 4,986.02, to move in 2020 to 5,050.15, thus exceeding the fateful threshold of five billion dollars.

For this year we will reach 5,111.07, next year the total turnover of biscuits will touch the figure of 5,168.95, so as mentioned in 2023 we will reach 5,223.93. In short, Italians like biscuits so much, even better if they are healthy.