Two new Caffarel candies for pastry shops and bars. A taste from the wellness line to convey a sense of relaxation, another more pungent and spicy. The mini candies are called, precisely, Wellness and Spicy.

The Wellness line is made up of mini candies enclosed in small paper bags. He decided to renew the assortment with a new mix. We have the flavors Vitamin Orange, Honey and Beneficial Propolis, Balsamic Eucalyptus Mint and Refreshing Lemon Sage. To these is added the Blueberry and Lemon mini candy, able to give energy and at the same time give the delicacy of blueberries and liveliness of lemons.

Caffarel’s Wellness Line is available in 45 gram bags, recommended retail price € 3.90 per bag.

The Le Speziate Line is instead divided into three new mini candies, enclosed in metal packs to carry in your bag or backpack. We have the taste Mango and pepper or, if you prefer, Grapefruit and cinnamon or, again, Orange and ginger. They are practically sugared almonds and the metal cases allow you to keep the aroma intact.

The mini candies Le Speziate are in mini metal packs of 60 grams. Recommended retail price € 7.90 per pack.