It is time for digitization for non-hotel facilities, but also for hotels and tourist villages. TeamSystem Hospitality has thought of tailor-made solutions to best accommodate tourists who, predictably, in the summer will flock to farmhouses, residences, holiday homes, b&b’s and, indeed, hotels.

With the introduction of effective digitization processes, the visibility and conversion of requests will certainly increase. Let’s think, for example, of channel managers, booking engines and emotional estimates that will allow operators to better manage offline bookings, sales from the site and from booking portals.

Self Check-in & Self-Check out
Hotel: tempo di digitalizzazione per gestire al meglio la clientela

With Self Check-in & Self-Check out, the distancing and safety of guests will be favored in a period in which, due to the pandemic, these two things are sought.

Secure payments, but virtual reception and electronic keys will give tourists the opportunity to enjoy their holiday to the fullest, without bad thoughts.

We then arrive at the Pms Hotel in Cloud, which allows to manage everyday operations, regulatory compliance and sales with a single software.

To determine the best rate strategies, in a world that changes quickly, just like the market, there is the RMS (Revenue Management System), based on artificial intelligence, available free for one year to those who buy Cloud Hotels within on June 30.