Two new flavors enrich the Mila Skyr range of the Mila cooperative. We are talking about coconut-flavored yogurt and stracciatella-flavored yogurt.

Mila Skyr is a milk-based specialty, which is made by using an old Icelandic recipe, with no added flavorings. Both the coconut taste and the stracciatella taste contain little fat and are therefore perfect for those who are looking for a tasty alternative to the classic yogurt.

Mila Skyr is also ideal for those who want to lead a healthy life, for those who therefore follow a balanced diet and for active and sporty people: it contains, in fact, high levels of protein.

Mila Skyr is made with 100% Stg Hay milk from South Tyrolean mountain farms, as indicated on the package sticker. Hay milk is produced of the highest quality and with an intense flavor, it comes from cows fed exclusively with fresh grass, hay and small quantities of cereals. No GMOs and silages (fermented fodder).

The 150 gram jar of Mila Skyr is now available in ten different flavors: strawberry, coffee, mango – passion fruit, vanilla, natural white, apricot, raspberry, blueberry and the new stracciatella and coconut. They are all to try for the pleasure of the palate and to feel good inside and out. The choice is very wide and certainly meets the tastes of all yogurt lovers.