A new snack to be enjoyed. We are talking about mini panfruttelle, with a hybrid taste, salty with a sweet aftertaste, with nutritional characteristics that make it preferable to other snacks. The salty base of whole wheat bread is enriched with pieces of fruit to please even the most refined palates.

The mini panfruttelle are produced with whole wheat flours, first of all spelt  and buckwheat, which guarantees a rich supply of fiber, to which pieces of fruit are added. The weight is 35 grams to give energy, fats, saturated fatty acids, sugars and salt in a balanced way. Palm oil is not used, substituted with olive oil. The surface is darker due to the presence of whole wheat and irregular flours, like a hand-stretched dough.

There is a single-dose as well as a six-pack multipack, which satisfies an ever-growing demand. The taste is of wild berries. Let’s see the complete list of ingredients: soft wheat flour, preparation based on berries 12 percent (cranberries (59 percent), sugar, sunflower oil, grape juice concentrate, juice concentrate blueberries (0.2 percent), high oleic sunflower oil, coconut flour, whole wheat spelt flour (3 percent), buckwheat flour (3 percent), salt, brown sugar, malted wheat, brewer’s yeast and flavorings. It may contain traces of soy, sesame seeds, barley, had, milk and dairy products, sulphites.

Mini panfruttelle: the new snack with berries