The new winner of the Sandwich award, the Sandwich Artist (Artista del Panino), is Elisa Varvarito, Caffè Polo Universitario Novoli (Florence). The competition is organized by Vandemoortele, in collaboration with Bargiornale, and is now in its fifth edition.

Varvarito prevailed over seven other competitors from all over Italy, before imposing herself in the final against Damiano Galiano, of the Symposium Cafè in Statte (Taranto), who had to settle for second place.

Elisa Varvarito had reached the final with her ‘Stop Down‘, a sandwich consisting of Agritech multigrain Sofficello and garnished with carne salada, green, red and Roman salad, green apple chips, mustard and acacia honey. In the final, the winner composed on the spot a savory croissant with smoked swordfish, raw escarole leaves, ricotta with chives, sautéed mango, raisins, apple, oil, salt, pepper and chopped hazelnuts.

The jury approved. It was made up of Max Mariola, cook, host, writer and consultant; Riccardo Soncini, graduated from the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, with various experiences in the sector and now food & beverage manager of Panino Giusto, and Roberto Barat, journalist of Bargiornale.

Leading the competition Mattia Poggi, chef and television personality.

These are all those who participated: Federico De Colle from Marangon di Sutrio (Udine), Damiano Galiano from the Symposium Cafè in Statte (Taranto), Francesco Lepenne from Kilgore Pub in Bernalda (Matera), Francesco Liotino from the Baita Street Food House in Polignano a Mare (Bari), Simone Lombardi of the Wooden of Fabriano (Ancona), Pierdomenico Renda of the Bakery of Lamezia Terme (Catanzaro), Carlo Sutto of The Bocs Food & Drink of S. Michele al Tagliamento (Venice).

From July 1st the registrations will open for the next edition of Artisti del Panino.