Per chi ama il caldo cosa ci può essere di più bello di un safari in inverno nella savana del Kenya. Il termine safari, in lingua swahili, significa “viaggio”, che serve per vivere sulla propria pelle l’emozione del contatto fra uomo e natura.

L’esperienza è unica nel suo genere per chi è abituato a freddo e neve durante questo periodo dell’anno, ma in questo caso non avrà bisogno di guanti, calzini e cappelli in lana, e sarà d’aiuto avere in valigia infradito, bermuda e crema solare. 

Natale in Kenya
Natale in Kenya

Mini-van to discover the savannah

There are many organized safaris in Kenya, thanks to which you can get on a mini-van to discover the savannah.

Here, among elephants, lions, zebras and giraffes, the excited tourist will keep his gaze fixed on the horizon, so as not to miss sighting any of these animals.

The most suitable location is the Masai Mara, a beautiful wildlife reserve and therefore the most famous park in Kenya, located on the border with Tanzania.

We are talking about a place with a unique ecosystem, full of animals and spectacular landscapes, where you can treat yourself to a fantastic holiday in contact with the famous Big Five, that is, lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos and buffaloes but also wildebeest, zebras, antelopes, hippos. , crocodiles and many other species.

To complete the experience there will be suspense and moments of tension when, sleeping at night in small but welcoming and organized tents in the middle of the savannah, the tourist will find himself listening to the noises and sounds that surround him: animals in search of food or water, rustling of plants and much more.

The safari guides also propose songs and dances typical of the area, to pass the time in the evening, after dinner, around the fire.

Diani beach Kenya
Diani beach Kenya

This is the perfect holiday to combine adventure and rest: after the wild safari, the tourist can in fact indulge in a dip in the sea and a lot of relaxation in the lands south of Mombasa.

The most famous beach, elected by the latest World Travel Awards as the best in Africa, is Diani Beach. Here, you can enjoy soft white sand and a breathtaking blue sea.

Also interesting is Gedi, a jewel of Swahili architecture born in the twelfth century, but today a city lost and swallowed by the jungle so much that it is almost impenetrable.

What led to its abandonment by the population who lived there still remains an unanswered mystery.

Sunrise and sunset offer colors that cover the savannah with a particular and suggestive atmosphere and the only sounds that mark the end of the day and the rise of the new one are the sounds of the jungle and its incredible inhabitants.