Today we have created a musical hit that is good for the ear, but also for the palate. In fact, these ten songs talk about food & drink. Important elements of our days and therefore easily inserted in the lyrics of musicians and singers.

Let’s start with Alex Britti‘s ‘7mila caffè‘. Do you really have to drink that much coffee to stay awake while reaching your loved one in the car?

How many did you have? Cesare Cremonini instead sang a love that ends in ‘Marmellata #25‘. Objects that were part of everyday life for a couple, just like the jam tray, and which now remind us of the story that has ended.

The theme of jealousy prevails in ‘Banane e Lamponi‘ by Gianni Morandi. He can’t sleep thinking of his woman together with another man, and so he jokingly uses the two fruits in the text.

In ‘Un amore da favola’, Giorgia tells us the beginning of a story. When you still don’t know each other well and perhaps the other is emphasized. For example, she eats ‘too much chocolate’ and he doesn’t know it yet. He’ll find out if the story continues, of course.

Fred Bongusto and the retro atmosphere in ‘Spaghetti a Detroit‘. A finished story takes away the appetite: ‘Spaghetti, pollo, insalatina e una tazzina di caffè a malapena riesco a mangiar giù. Invece ti ricordi che appetito insieme a te‘ . 

A great classic is ‘Viva la pappa col pomodoro‘ by Rita Pavone. Food is the search for freedom of thought, an anthem against war.

Luca Carboni sings ‘Sugo‘, the perfect condiment for first courses and more. Even in life, a little sauce should be added to make it less insipid and give it a special taste.

Elio e le Storie Tese in ‘La terra dei cachi‘ (The land of persimmons) tell the problems of Italy and use a mushy fruit to talk about the behavior a bit like that of Italians.

Samuele Bersani sings ‘La soggettività del pollo arrosto‘ (The subjectivity of roast chicken). Where the chicken is our society, amidst alarmism and fear, which still manages to survive.

Ornella Vanoni, to complete this top ten, with ‘Rossetto e cioccolato‘ (Lipstick and chocolate). Love is a series of ingredients, to be mixed and then enjoy the end.

What are your favorite food songs?