In 2021 Rome has stolen from Turin the title of “vegan capital” of Italy. The famous platform MyProtein is the one who brought the Italian city on top of the chart, thanks to its numerous vegan-friendly restaurants and vegan shops. Turin and Milan follow right after.

The platform takes into consideration the number of theme shops in every city. MyProtein bases its charts on data coming from sites like HappyCow, Burgerabroad and Rome currently has 147 vegan-friendly restaurants, particularly welcoming for those who have decided to take on this diet. Outside the top three we can find Venice, Bologna, Florence, Genoa, Naples, Catania and Palermo.

a way of life that excludes every form of animal exploitation

The vegan diet promotes “a way of life that excludes every form of animal exploitation”. In Italy, the number of vegan people represents the 2,2% of the total population, with a sustained growth rate in the last two years. And the cities, Rome in the first place, are organized with services that meet the expectations of the inhabitants and visitors.

The same users that hang out on the MyProtein platform have recommended three signs, one for every city on the podium. In Rome, you should definitely try Epizza Vegan. 

For all the vegan lovers, but also for those who want to try a healthier diet for once.

Rome has also been recognized as one of the most vegan-friendly cities in Europe by the website Hundredrooms, according to the number of vegan restaurants compared to the number of inhabitants. The world vegan capital is Tel Aviv, with more than 400 vegan restaurants.