Quick lunch at the bar before returning to work? A bite to swallow too quickly to be enjoyed?

Wrong, you can also enjoy a ready meal, thanks to some recipes that your trusted bartenders will not struggle to cook for you. Let’s see a dozen, which could also be inspiring.

We start with the classic salad, which can be declined in various recipes that will also give color to the dish.

We continue with the Caesar salad, a dish of Italian origins. In fact, the name Caesar derives from chef Cesare Cardini and the dish was created on the occasion of the American Independence Day. Among the various versions, you can try the one with microwave cooked chicken.

Croque Monsieur, on the other hand, has French origins. Just a little béchamel and a toast and we will have the Lord of sandwiches. Inside, as a side dish, sliced ​​cooked ham and grated Gruyère cheese. There is also a version with stale bread.

Why not try the classic sandwich? You can insert some variations inside to give it a touch of originality: for example, some sliced rump and a mix of sauces. Or the meat can be seasoned with the broth in granules instead of salt. On the inside, of course, salad, tomato, mayonnaise and oil cannot be missing. And pepper in the rump.

Quick lunch? Yes, but tasty

If you want to go exotic, there is cous cous. Vegetarian dish par excellence, it can be served with citrus fruits. It seems that for the first time it was served by King Solomon’s court chef to make him pass the pains of love and restore energy and vitality.

Another classic is bresaola. To embellish it, you can add jellies prepared with basil vinaigrette and balsamic vinegar.

Chicken curry becomes a rich dish if you combine it with rice. In practice, first and second courses with a slightly spicy taste that doesn’t hurt at all.

A fresh mushroom soup could become the star dish on the menu, considering that today soups are no longer considered only a healthy dish, but also a gourmet one.

Let’s now move on to desserts. The crème brulée is a Spanish dessert to which you can add a hint of caramel topping and crumbled macaroons. For those who want fruit, a fresh fruit salad with cream and strawberry topping.

Not bad, right?