Bars and restaurants are ready to reopen one hundred percent after the closures due to the pandemic. It may be interesting, then, to find out what are the operations that must be carried out to completely sanitize the room from the presence of the coronavirus.

If you are thinking about how to get started, be aware that dry cleaning is not recommended, and wet cleaning is preferable. Disposable cloths and mops are recommended, to be disposed of immediately after use without first being placed on other surfaces. If it is not possible to use the disposable, cloths and fringes for cleaning should be replaced possibly no later than 24 hours.

To disinfect floors and surfaces, it is better to use chlorine-based solutions in a concentration of 1000 ppm (0.1 percent active chlorine), from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 5 minutes, after cleaning.

It is also possible to use other disinfectants, as long as they have the characteristic of killing viruses, in accordance with the Uni En 14476 standard. Effective products are alcohol at 70 percent by volume and 30-60 seconds of contact time, those that release oxygen (hydrogen peroxide in the concentration of 0.5 per cent, i.e. 5 thousand ppm) and 5 minutes of contact time for applications and spreading with disposable cloth or paper and 15 thousand ppm (15 minutes of contact for applications with atomizers).

Sanificazione Corona Virus
Sanitization of bars and restaurants: what products to use against covid-19

Be careful: before using the products, do a test to make sure they do not damage the surface.

For a correct application of the disinfectants, it is advisable to use disposable non-woven cloths or disposable paper cloths to be pre-mixed with a suitable disinfectant solution or to be used with ready-to-use products in a bottle with sprayer. Cloths that will be thrown away immediately after finishing. Disinfection can be carried out with Pmc disinfectants or authorized biocides and / the use of sanitizers with in situ generation systems, such as hydrogen peroxide and ozone. Use must take place in unoccupied and duly confined rooms, leaving the product to act for an adequate period of time.

For the entire duration of the operation, the ventilation system must be switched off.

All cleaning and disinfection operations must be carried out by personnel wearing suitable PPE. After use, it is advisable to dispose of these devices as potentially infected material.

It is also necessary to correctly manage the hygiene of the systems such as the ventilation ducts or the simple splits, through a periodic technical inspection, to be clear about the state of contamination.

 It is necessary to rely on companies that have the requisites for this type of intervention.