Eating in Salento means tasting the typical Mediterranean flavors, genuine ingredients from the many cultivated lands, primarily extra virgin olive oil.

Eating in a farm is synonymous with typicality and good cuisine. In the farm you can taste the typical dishes, prepared by the hands of the owners themselves with products from the vegetable gardens present in the structures.

Here is a selection of the best farms to eat in Salento

At the Bio Masseria Santa Lucia di Alessano the Salento tradition is enhanced with the company’s products such as Cappelli wheat and spelled with which the flour for fresh pasta and desserts is obtained.

Of course, there is no shortage of garden products to flavor dishes and salads; and then the company’s extra virgin olive oil, homemade tomato puree, dried tomatoes, salted capers and dried chillies.

Other 0 km products, such as cow, goat and sheep cheeses and beef come from nearby farms. The dishes are accompanied by the renowned wines of Salento.

It is possible to have meals in one of the two small internal rooms or, in the summer, outdoors in the courtyard of the farm.

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At the restaurant of the Masseria Ferri farmhouse, the products that make up the menu are an apotheosis of freshness and seasonality.

They come from their own vegetable garden and orchard; the pork / beef and typical cheeses (caciocavallo, cacioricotta, ricotta forte) are also from the company. The dishes are accompanied by Cabernet and white wines from Martina Franca.

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At the Ristorante Agriturismo Tenuta Mezzana you will find typical dishes of the Salento tradition, all prepared with the company’s organic ingredients.

For dinner (in the dining room or outdoors) the menu is fixed: squashed tomatoes, potato pitta, gnocchi with rocket pesto and cherry tomatoes, eggplant parmesan, homemade ‘frittini’ (fried goods), homemade primitive wine, and finally a carob liqueur. Alternatively, own barbecue with free wood.

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The Masseria Bandino Restaurant will welcome you in its star-vaulted room with fireplaces.

In summer you can also eat in the outdoor area. The cuisine of the Masseria is inspired by the territory and offers only dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients, both sea and land, with first courses, cheeses and homemade desserts and the best wines of Salento.

Among the specialties of the restaurant: ciceri and tria, gnocchi alla marinara with Salento pesto, spelled soup, fish soup, chateaubriand, cut of beef on a sofa with turnip greens and pecorino cheese.

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