How to organize the refrigerator and pantry and what to eat first? Perhaps not everyone knows this, but it is better to consume first the food that has remained the longest in the refrigerator or pantry.

To reduce food waste, there are three rules to follow: foods should be ordered so that the one closest to expiration is also the most visible, so as to consume it before the others.

When the food does not have an expiration date, it is important to mark the date the food was cooked on the packaging (especially for frozen leftovers).

The Fifo method involves organizing foods so that those of the same type are close together, whether we are talking about the refrigerator or pantry. The packages of pasta should thus be all close together in the same part of the pantry; within this area, it is better to place pasta of the same type close together. So you can consume food more regularly, seeing at a glance what is missing, avoiding buying too much of something and then wasting it.

The Fifo method was born in the field of logistics and has been adopted by fast food restaurants, which produce the most requested sandwiches in advance and keep them on the service line for a predetermined time, eliminating them only when they are no longer fresh enough for feeding.

 Restaurants record which foods are least consumed and production errors, in order to correct them. You can do the same thing at home: in the change of seasons, some foods lose appeal. In summer, more fruit and vegetables are clearly consumed, in winter the consumption of soups is greater.

The risk is to waste food in transition periods, especially for fresh products. There are programs or apps that can help organize your kitchen with the Fifo system.